Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

Events for Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

Q4 1907; Marriage; Unknown, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
(Marriage Q4, 1907, Edith Susannah DARCH, , Portsmouth, 2b, 990)
Edith Susannah Darch married
Possible spouse: Frederick Walter Dykes
In Laverstoke Ford 1901, born Cheltenham about 1885

Q1 1922; Marriage; Unknown, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
(Marriage Q1, 1922, Charles DARCH, Travers, Portsmouth, 2b, 786)
Identified People:
Parent: Lotta Hawking (1869~ Holsworthy, DEV, ENG -)
Parent: William John Darch (1873 Berrynarbor, DEV, ENG - 1949 Weymouth, DOR, ENG)
Spouse: Charles Darch (1897~ Surrey, ENG - 1978 Melcombe Regis, DOR, ENG)
Spouse: unknown Travers (1897~-)

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