North Aylesford, Kent, England

Events for North Aylesford, Kent, England

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7 Jun 1861; Census; Northfleet, North Aylesford, Kent, England
William G Laurie, Head, M, 40, Trading to ? -Indigo company, Middlesex Islington
Mary D Laurie, Wife, M, 40, , City of London
Emily F Laurie, Dau, , 6, , Middlesex Twickenham
Caspar R Laurie, Son, , 4, , Kent Rotherville Northfleet
Janet C Laurie, Dau, , 7m, ,
Elizabeth Darch, Serv, U, 36, Wet nurse, Essex Romford
Julia E Eversfield, Serv, U, 15, House servant, Kent Gravesend

2 Apr 1871; Census; Northfleet, North Aylesford, Kent, England
Walter Carter, Head, Mar, 34, Statistical Ocpn Customs, Carthagena Spain (British subject)
Margare Darch, Servant, Unm, 19, Domestic Servant, Gravesend
Identified People:
Present: Margaret Elizabeth Darch (1851 Gravesend, KEN, ENG -)

28 Apr 1877; Marriage; Strood, North Aylesford, Kent, England
(Marriage Q2, 1877, Mary Jane H Darch, , N Aylesford, 2a, 696)
William Green (aged 23, Bachelor, India Rubber Worker of Laura Place, son of James Green, Brickmaker) married Mary Jane Hutchings Darch (aged 21, Spinster of Laura Place, daughter of William Darch, Labourer) witnessed by Hy Hollands and Hetty Ann Hollands
Identified People:
Parent: William Hutchings Darch (1824 Stratton, COR, ENG - 1895 Camelford, COR, ENG)
Parent: Margaretta Honey (1835~ Morwenstowe, COR, ENG - 1877 Camelford, COR, ENG)
Spouse: William Green (1854~-)
Spouse: Mary Jane Hutchings Darch (1855 St Teath, COR, ENG -)

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