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Q2 1859; Marriage; Unknown, Lewisham, London, England
(Marriage Q2, 1859, John Darch, , Lewisham, 1d, 872)
Possible spouses: Esther Ayling or Francis Mills?

Q2 1859; Marriage; Unknown, Lewisham, London, England
(Marriage Q2, 1859, Esther Darch, , Lewisham, 1d, 957)

7 Apr 1861; Census; Charlton, Lewisham, London, England
John Mildrew Cawse, Head, M, 37, Farmer, Devon Plymouth
Jamime? Cawse, Wife, M, 45, , Torquay?
Other household members, , , , ,
Sarah Dartch, Vis, , 19, , Middlesex London

3 Apr 1881; Census; Sydenham, Lewisham, London, England
Elizabeth A Glover, Serv, Unm, 26, Housemaid, b Netherbury Dorset
Identified People:
Present: Elizabeth Ann Glover (1855 Netherbury, DOR, ENG - 1897 Beaminster, DOR, ENG)

3 Apr 1881; Census; Lewisham, Lewisham, London, England
Charles A. BARRY, Head, M, Male, 60, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, England, M A Fundholder,
Edith BARRY, Wife, M, Female, 44, Rugby, Warwick, England, ,
Felix BARRY, Son, U, Male, 22, Leytonstone, Essex, England, Merchants Clerk Unemployed,
Percivale BARRY, Son, , Male, 1, Sydenham, Kent, England, ,
Mary Ann COX, Serv, U, Female, 32, Bow, Middlesex, England, Cook,
Louisa LEWIS, Serv, U, Female, 26, Alderbury, Wiltshire, England, Nurse,
Selina DARCH, Serv, U, Female, 23, Ashdown, Essex, England, Housemaid,
Isabella CARR, Serv, U, Female, 15, Deptford, Kent, England, Kitchen Maid,
No clues

Q2 1900; Birth; Catford, Lewisham, London, England
(Birth Q2, 1900, Reginald William Darch, , Lewisham, 1d, 1161)
Reginald William Darch born

31 Mar 1901; Census; Penge, Lewisham, London, England
Emily E Quick, Head, Wid, 44, Tobacconist Shopkeeper, Own Account, At Home, Landkey
William JW Quick, Son, S, 18, Gt Yarmouth Norfolk
Emily CA Quick, Daughter, S, 11, Gt Yarmouth Norfolk
Identified People:
Head: Emily Elizabeth Rew (1856~ Swimbridge, DEV, ENG -)
Present: William JW Quick (1882~ Great Yarmouth, NOR, ENG -)
Present: Emily Charlotte A Quick (1889 Yarmouth, NOR, ENG -)

Q2 1922; Marriage; Unknown, Lewisham, London, England
(Marriage Q2, 1922, Reginald _ J DARCH, Lawrence, Lewisham, 1d, 2093)
Identified People:
Parent: Henry John Darch (1868 Edington, SOM, ENG -)
Parent: Augusta Manning (1869~ Stogursey, SOM, ENG -)
Spouse: Reginald Frederic J Darch (1895 New Cross, LON, ENG -)
Spouse: Lily Lawrence (1896~-)

Q3 1931; Death; Unknown, Lewisham, London, England
(Death Q3, 1931, Henry R Darch, 0, Deptford, 1d, 670)

Q2 1951; Death; Unknown, Lewisham, London, England
(Death Q2, 1951, John DARCH, 25, Lewisham, 5d, 47)

Q2 1955; Death; Unknown, Lewisham, London, England
(Death Q2, 1955, Elizabeth M DARCH, 80, Lewisham, 5d, 6)
Identified People:
Partner: William John Darch (1872 Westminster, LON, ENG -)
Person: Elizabeth Mary Martin (1874 Deptford, LON, ENG - 1955 Lewisham, LON, ENG)

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