Riverside, California, USA

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Apr 1930; Census; Riverside, Riverside, California, USA
Irene R Darch, Head, Female, White, 62, Widowed, 21, born Indiana, father born Pennsylvania, mother born Kentucky
Charles A Elson, Son, Male, White, 40, Single, born Alabama, father born Illinois, mother born Indiana, Bookkeeper, ? Mill

2 Mar 1988; Death; Unknown, Riverside, California, USA
James Eric Darch died
SSN: 545-16-5097 
Place of death: RIVERSIDE, CA
Age at death: 68 yrs 
Father's name: NK
Mother's maiden name: KIRKPATRICK 
DOB: 11 Oct 1919, Canada
Identified People:
Person: James Eric Darch (1920 London, ONT, CAN - 1988 Riverside, CA, USA)

31 May 1994; Death; Unknown, Riverside, California, USA
Jerrold C Ohlwiler died
Social Security #: 546382919
Birth Date: 14 Mar 1931, Utah
Mother's Maiden Name: Cundick
Identified People:
Person: Jerrold C Ohlwiler (1931 Utah, USA - 1994 Riverside, CA, USA)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.