Malling, Kent, England

Events for Malling, Kent, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

Q3 1886; Birth; Unknown, Malling, Kent, England
Emily Elizabeth P Elcombe born (Sep 1886, Malling, 2a 698)
Emily L Elcomb born (1886-1960), later wife of Edward Darch.
Identified People:
Child: Emily Louisa Hogbin (Elcomb) (1886 Malling, KEN, ENG - 1960 Bowmanville (Darlington), ONT, CAN)

5 Apr 1891; Census; Ightham, Malling, Kent, England
Charles F Norris, Head, Mar, 34, Coachman, b Cheshunt Herts
Elizabeth G Norris, Wife, Mar, 37, b Milton Damerell N Devon
Frederick S Norris, Son, S, 6, b Seal Kent
Ethel F Norris, Daur, S, 2, b Ightham Kent
Mary Glover, Mother in Law, Widow, 68, b Milton Damerell N Devon
Charlotte AJ Glover, Niece, S, 13, b Enfield Middlesex
Charlotte would be a daughter of William James Glover, except he never married. Is there another Norris Glover marriage?
Identified People:
Present: Mary Jenkins (1823~ Milton Damerel, DEV, ENG -)
Present: Elizabeth Grace Glover (1853 Milton Damerel, DEV, ENG -)
Head: Charles F Norris (1856~ Cheshunt, MDX, ENG -)
Present: Frederick S Norris (1884~ Seal, KEN, ENG -)
Present: Ethel F Norris (1888~ Ightham, KEN, ENG -)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.