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Chilthorne Domer, Yeovil, Somerset, England

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6 Jul 1910; Marriage; Chilthorne Domer, Yeovil, Somerset, England
(Marriage Q3, 1910, William J Darch, , Yeovil, 5c, 751)
William John Darch (aged 23, groom of Chilthorne Domer, son of John Darch, groom) married Ruth Rose Robins Swain (aged 21 of Chilthorne Domer), witnessed by James Henry Robins and Alice Robins
Identified People:
Parent: John Darch (1856 Atherington, DEV, ENG -)
Parent: Emma Dunn (1857~ Atherington, DEV, ENG - 1918 Leighton Buzzard, BED, ENG)
Spouse: William John Darch (1887 Wembworthy, DEV, ENG -)
Spouse: Ruth Rose Robins (Swain) (1889~-)

11 October 2009
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