Events for Topsham

Topsham, St Thomas, Devon, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

3 Jan 1830; Baptism; Topsham, St Thomas, Devon, England
Henry Darch christened, son of John Darch and Mary
This Henry goes to Stratton in Cornwall. He is the son of John and Mary Hutchings, who married in Crediton. I found no Darch baptism to match this in the Topsham Parish Register between 1824 and 1832.(DG)
Identified People:
Parent: Mary Hutchings (1793~ Crediton, DEV, ENG - 1868 Stratton, COR, ENG)
Parent: John Darch (1797 Stratton, COR, ENG - 1858 Stratton, COR, ENG)
Child: Henry Darch (1830 Topsham, DEV, ENG - 1903 Stratton, COR, ENG)

7 Apr 1861; Census; Topsham, St Thomas, Devon, England
Edward Treon?, Head, M, 34, Mercahnt (provisions), Topsham
Other members of household, , , , ,
Jane Darch, Serv, Widow, 32, House serv, Butterley
Identified People:
Present: Jane Grant (1827~ Bickleigh, DEV, ENG -)

3 Apr 1881; Census; Topsham, St Thomas, Devon, England
William DARCH, Head, M, Male, 36, Bratton Fleming, Devon, England, Leather Dresser (Currier),
Eliza DARCH, Wife, M, Female, 37, Uffculme, Devon, England, ,
Louisa Webber DARCH, Daur, , Female, 12, Bristol, Scholar,
Edith A. DARCH, Daur, , Female, 10, Bristol, Scholar,
William H. DARCH, Son, , Male, 8, Bristol, Scholar,
Rosa A. DARCH, Daur, , Female, 6, Bristol, Scholar,
Emily E. DARCH, Daur, , Female, 4, Bristol, Scholar,
Robert A. DARCH, Son, , Male, 2, Exeter, Devon, England, ,
William Darch (1844 Bratton Fleming) and Eliza Quant
Identified People:
Present: Eliza Quant (1843~ Uffculme, DEV, ENG -)
Head: William Darch (1844 Bratton Fleming, DEV, ENG - 1931 Bristol, GLO, ENG)
Present: Louisa Webber Darch (1869 Bristol, GLO, ENG -)
Present: Edith Anne Darch (1871 Clifton, GLO, ENG -)
Present: William Henry Darch (1873 Clifton, GLO, ENG -)
Present: Rosa Ada Darch (1875 Clifton, GLO, ENG -)
Present: Emily Eliza Darch (1877 Clifton, GLO, ENG - 1883 Barton Regis, GLO, ENG)
Present: Robert Arthur Darch (1879 St Thomas, DEV, ENG -)

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