Events for Stogursey

Stogursey, Williton, Somerset, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

1700; Obituary; Stogursey, Williton, Somerset, England
In 1066 Beorhtsige (Brixi) held STOKE, which William de Falaise held in 1086. (Footnote 60) Emme, daughter and heir of William de Falaise, married William (I) de Curci. William (I) died c. 1114, and their son William (II) was dead by 1120. That William's son was William (III) de Curci who held the honor in 1166, and STOGURSEY manor descended with the honor and castle until c. 1680. (Footnote 61) In 1686 Robert Siderfin bought the manor together with that of Wick FitzPayn. (Footnote 62) Siderfin sold the lordship to Edward Habberfield in 1704. (Footnote 63) By 1744 the manors were owned by Thomas Darch (d. 1752), whose widow Mary sold them to John Perceval, earl of Egmont, in 1758. (Footnote 64) The lordship descended to successive earls, but it was not recorded after 1833. (Footnote 65)

4 Sep 1734; Baptism; Stogursey, Williton, Somerset, England
Sarah Glover baptised, daughter of John Glover and Edith

4 May 1735; Baptism; Stogursey, Williton, Somerset, England
Samuel Rawlins alias Glover baptised, son of Samuel Glover and Elizabeth Rawlins

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.