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Hilda Annie Darch (1888 Dawlish, DEV, ENG -)

John Cole Marles (1888 Ashreigney, DEV, ENG -)

John Marles (1912 Torrington, DEV, ENG - 1913 Torrington, DEV, ENG)

Florence Ellen Darch (1890 Winkleigh, DEV, ENG -)

Charlie Darch (1892 Winkleigh, DEV, ENG - 1917 Ravenna, ITY)

Frank Darch (1899 Winkleigh, DEV, ENG -)

Ann L Dunn (1899~-)

Robert Darch (1857 Ashreigney, DEV, ENG -)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.