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Beatrice F Ellicott (1899~-)

No events logged (yet)!

Frederick Darch (1901 Thelbridge, DEV, ENG -)

John Darch (1864 Wembworthy, DEV, ENG -)

Elias Darch (1866 Wembworthy, DEV, ENG - 1908 Tendring, ESS, ENG)

Mary Ann Hall (1867~- 1897 Caxton, CAM, ENG)

Lillie Darch (1890 Caxton, CAM, ENG -)

Leslie Tilbrook (1893<-)

Alice Mary Darch (1892 Caxton, CAM, ENG - 1912 Samford, SUF, ENG)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.