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George James Rowe (1869 Darlington Township, ONT, CAN -)

Margaret Galbraith Gray (1832 Scotland -)

Samuel (Sherman) Darch (1836 Stratton, COR, ENG - 1916 Grand Valley (East Luther), ONT, CAN)

Maria Symons (1831~ Devon, ENG - 1880 Orangeville (Amaranth), ONT, CAN)

Alfred Darch (1858 Bowmanville (Darlington), ONT, CAN - 1935 Toronto City, ONT, CAN)

Lillian (Lillie) Thistell (1864~ USA - 1950 Toronto City, ONT, CAN)

Frederick Darch (1883 Toronto City, ONT, CAN - 1939 Toronto City, ONT, CAN)

Vera Whittaker (1895- 1924 Toronto City, ONT, CAN)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.