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William Darch (1870 Bishops Nympton, DEV, ENG -)

John Snell Darch (1874 Bishops Nympton, DEV, ENG - 1949 Plymouth, DEV, ENG)

Elizabeth Annie Troon (1884<-)

Edith Darch (1912 Plymouth, DEV, ENG - 1912 Plymouth, DEV, ENG)

Iris A Darch (1916 Plymouth, DEV, ENG - 1924 Plymouth, DEV, ENG)

Eric T Darch (1920 Plymouth, DEV, ENG - 1922 Plymouth, DEV, ENG)

Thomas Darch (1834 Arlington, DEV, ENG - 1835 Arlington, DEV, ENG)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.