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Ethel Nellie Darch (1889 Marwood, DEV, ENG -)

Eva Blanch Darch (1891 Marwood, DEV, ENG -)

unknown Cooke (1895<-)

Annie Darch (1893~ Marwood, DEV, ENG -)

Richard Darch (1851 Ashreigney, DEV, ENG - 1853 Stoke Rivers, DEV, ENG)

Mary Ann Darch (1853 Stoke Rivers, DEV, ENG -)

Richard Darch (1855 Stoke Rivers, DEV, ENG -)

James Darch (1858 Stoke Rivers, DEV, ENG - 1898 Lambeth, LON, ENG)

Helen Emily S Smale (1860~ Hatherleigh, DEV, ENG -)

Reginald James Studley Darch (1896 West Battersea, LON, ENG -)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.