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Isa Gwendoline Norman (1909<-)

No events logged (yet)!

Arthur Darch (1900 Landkey, DEV, ENG - 1981 Landkey, DEV, ENG)

Florence Grace unknown (1917~- 1979 Landkey, DEV, ENG)

Percy Gordon Darch (1913 Barnstaple, DEV, ENG - 1985 Landkey, DEV, ENG)

Hilda Mary unknown (1916~- 1994 Landkey, DEV, ENG)

Anthony Bowden Darch (1831 Winkleigh, DEV, ENG - 1832 Winkleigh, DEV, ENG)

Mary Anne Darch (1833 Winkleigh, DEV, ENG -)

Grace Darch (1835 Winkleigh, DEV, ENG -)

William Knight (1832~ Winkleigh, DEV, ENG -)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.