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Elizabeth Jane Joslin (1862 Atherington, DEV, ENG -)

Francis John Joslin (1866 Atherington, DEV, ENG -)

Mary Joce (1862~ Tawstock, DEV, ENG -)

Gertrude Mary Joslin (1890 Bishops Tawton, DEV, ENG -)

Richard Darch (1818~ Tawstock, DEV, ENG - 1890 Bishops Tawton, DEV, ENG)

Susan Clemmett (1816~ Buckfastleigh, DEV, ENG - 1891 Bishops Tawton, DEV, ENG)

William Henry Darch (1850 Braunton, DEV, ENG - 1918 Barnstaple, DEV, ENG)

Mary Ann Yendall (1853~ North Molton, DEV, ENG - 1937 Braunton, DEV, ENG)

Annie Yendall Darch (1877 Bishops Tawton, DEV, ENG -)

John William Alford (1880<-)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.