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Frederick Wiliam Ireland Glover (1873 Owen Sound, ONT, CAN - 1873 Owen Sound, ONT, CAN)

George Albert Glover (1876 Owen Sound, ONT, CAN -)

Ada Greet (1877~ Canada -)

Ilene May Glover (1904 Toronto City, ONT, CAN -)

William Arthur Glover (1878 Meeford, ONT, CAN -)

Phoebe GE Francis (1882~ India -)

Annie Glover (1909 Ontario, CAN -)

Aileen May Glover (1880 Wiarton, ONT, CAN -)

Stanley Tait Glover (1882 Tara, ONT, CAN -)

Ethel May Blakeway (1886~ Ontario, CAN -)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.