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Mary Jane Glover (1848 Bideford, DEV, ENG - 1905 Tara, ONT, CAN)

John Henry Vanduson (1844~ Prince Edward, ONT, CAN - 1907 Tara, ONT, CAN)

William Elbert Vandusen (1883 Tara, ONT, CAN -)

Kathleen McGillivray (1887~ Kirkfield, ONT, CAN -)

Ethel McLean Vandusen (1883~ Ontario, CAN -)

Harvey Miller Merriam (1884~ Tara, ONT, CAN -)

Emma Glover (1850 Bideford, DEV, ENG -)

James E Thomas (1853~ Ontario, CAN -)

Jane Woodland (1822~ Sligo Co, IRE - 1905 Owen Sound, ONT, CAN)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.