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unknown Hayes (1893<-)

Kathleen Noar (1891 Eccles, LAN, ENG -)

John DG Walker (1891~-)

Laura Noar (1854 Broughton, LAN, ENG -)

David Noar (1821~ Lancashire, ENG - 1867 Chorlton, LAN, ENG)

Sarah Robinson (1827~ Preston, LAN, ENG - 1873 Chorlton, LAN, ENG)

Arthur Robinson Noar (1853 Manchester, LAN, ENG -)

Mary Alice Brooke (1849~ Manchester, LAN, ENG -)

Ada Beatrice Noar (1864 Manchester, LAN, ENG -)

Henry Noar (1826 Salford, LAN, ENG - 1870 Manchester, LAN, ENG)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.