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Elizabeth Thorpe (1849~ Harpurhey, LAN, ENG - 1932 Barton upon Irwell, LAN, ENG)

Edith Adeline Noar (1872 Moston, LAN, ENG -)

Effie Beatrice M Noar (1874 Rochdale, LAN, ENG -)

Alice Mildred Noar (1876 Rochdale, LAN, ENG -)

Bessie Mabel Noar (1878 Rochdale, LAN, ENG -)

Doris Helen Noar (1884 Rochdale, LAN, ENG -)

Constance M Noar (1886~ Salford, LAN, ENG -)

Sybil Ruth Noar (1890 Chorlton, LAN, ENG -)

John Noar (1811 Ulverston, LAN, ENG -)

Jennett Noar (1813 Ulverston, LAN, ENG - 1893 Salford, LAN, ENG)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.