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Martha Glover (1920 East Midvale, UT, USA - 1941 East Midvale, UT, USA)

Melissa Alice Bateman (1889~ West Jordan, UT, USA - 1981 West Jordan, UT, USA)

Mary Leah Glover (1886 West Jordan, UT, USA - 1963)

Pierce Adelbert Swenson (1882~ Utah, USA -)

Olive Leah Swenson (1906 Union, UT, USA - 1993 Midvale, UT, USA)

Reuben Henry Sharp (1903 Union, UT, USA - 1977 Midvale, UT, USA)

Irvin Adelbert Swenson (1908 Midvale, UT, USA - 1958)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.