Events for India

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

26 Feb 1924; Marriage; Bombay, Unknown, Unknown, India
Bertram Laurence Hider (39, Bachelor, Photographer of Bombay, son of Robert Israel Hider) married Winifred Jessie Edwards (33, Spinster of Bombay, daughter of Charles Henry Edwards)
Identified People:
Parent: Clara Wordley (1849 Orsett, ESS, ENG -)
Parent: Robert Israel Hider (1851 Chatham, KEN, ENG -)
Parent: Charles Henry Edwards (1858 Braintree, ESS, ENG -)
Parent: Jessie Annie Flatman (1860~ London, ENG -)
Spouse: Bertram Laurence Hider (1884 Gravesend, KEN, ENG - 1971 Bideford, DEV, ENG)
Spouse: Winifred Jesse Edwards (1890 Camberwell, LON, ENG - 1976 Northam, DEV, ENG)

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