Update Log

11 October 2009 One Glover couple from Kingsbury Episcopi emigrated to Utah via Bedwelty. My analysis of their descendants was far from complete and incredibly complex. It's a done job now, as best as I can, with 300+ descendants found. Polygamy was legal in that part of the USA then, it seems.

I've also updated from FreeBMD over the past few days. Keep an eye on the links section and let me know if there are others I should add.

18 September 2009 There is another Glover family cluster in South-East Somerset and North-West Dorset, which I have gone some way in analysing. One family from Kingsbury Episcopi, which emigrated to Utah, is fairly complete.

2 May 2009 A long time since the last update - very busy at work among other things. Apologies to Mike D as I have yet to catch up with the excellent work he's doing on Somerset Wills and other old documents. This is primarily an update for new FreeBMD events published since January.

1 February 2009 A lot of progress on Glovers in the Bideford area. This includes working through the Woolsery (aka Woolfardisworthy) parish registers. There is a smallish amount of work left to take the analysis back to the start of Census records in 1841. The theory that nearly all Glover families in Devon and Cornwall originate from Parkham still stands up, and I've identified at least four families who emigrated to North America, mostly Ontario in Canada and extended those family records through to around 1920 making use of public records.

I've also written a little essay on my research methods - see Methods in the Navigation bar on the left.

There is also a new Links page - and I invite those who have their own web pages giving details of any families I'm interested in to submit these for inclusion.

17 January 2009 More progress on Glovers in Devon and Cornwall.

27 December 2008 Lots of progress on Glovers in Devon and Cornwall. One small change (with a big effect) in the Darch families - the North Tawton Darch millers have been linked into the Dolton / Merton / Ashreigney / Winkleigh mega-family. Oh - and FreeBMD update done too. I've also extended the identification of places in people's names like this: William Darch (1610<- 1663 Dolton, DEV, ENG) so that it shows county as well as country in the UK.

30 November 2008 The next big project has started: working out the Glover families in Devon (and elsewhere when people moved). I'm certain that most Glover people in Devon are descended from Parkham families. My strategy is to work out the families not near Parkham to begin with and I'm well on the way: the Holsworthy, Okehampton and Totnes areas are fairly complete. E-mail me please, if you can help!

26 October 2008 I've been busy. I've re-worked the whole Bristol area for Darch people, linking together the districts in the same way that I did for London and Plymouth, with good results. There are very few unidentified events in that area now. I've also mapped the Worth families of North Devon as far back as I can (a Darch married a Worth in the mid 1800s in Pilton, and a descendant - an 11th cousin, once removed, I think - prompted me to look further - thank you Jo!)

17 September 2008:Much work done in Canada and overlapping families in the USA

30 August 2008: More FreeBMD records and some development of Canada / USA overlapping Darch families.

7 August 2008: More FreeBMD records; developing some of the data about Glover in Wales.

27 July 2008: Now that space is no longer an issue, I have expanded the links against events where I have (I think) identified people correctly, so you can now read a name rather than a number.

24 July 2008: I see that I have posted incomplete data against people, only naming a county and not a village against events. I think that I did that to stay within my (old) web space quota and I've now expanded that data properly as quota is not now an issue.

I've also done some work on Pickerings and Cails in Wearside, County Durham.

6 July 2008: Well, I've now noticed that the site was over its quota. So now would be a good time to establish a more permanent site.

Please bookmark the new Home page. Page names changes as the volume of data grows and if you bookmark a page inside the site, it may not persist.

5 July 2008: More BMD data and an update of data from the 1841 Census.

6 June 2008: Fresh BMD data and I've started to try to understand the Glover families in South Wales. As with the Darch families, movement across the Bristol Channel was easy and quick (a half-day's journey by boat - on a good day) and there were clearly better employment opportunites available. Some went and came back, some went, stayed and then went native (emergence of Welsh forenames like Llewellyn is the evidence for that). Enjoy!

3 May 2008: Note the change of e-mail address! Fresh FreeBMD data incorporated.

8 March 2008: Another radical decision; I have combined East Stonehouse, Stoke Damarel, Plymouth and Devonport. They all overlap at different times, which makes tracking families hard, and together they represent a 'Greater Plymouth'.

5 March 2008: Monthly visit has been paid to FreeBMD and all new data uploaded.

2 February 2008: Kent expanded a little and some unlinked data for Kent restored.

29 January 2008: A busy few months, but not necessarily on this web site. New data includes some extracted from the Australian Electoral Rolls, not all of which I can understand yet. Also some family snippets provided by some visitors to this web site - keep those coming - as much as anything else, they provide correction or confirmation...

20 October 2007: A complete re-organisation of the London area records. I have grouped London and those parts of nearby counties into (very approximately) the 1965 GLC Metropolitan Borough. Anachronistic, for sure, but it makes finding families as they move small distances much, much easier.

30 August 2007: New Birth, Marriage and Death records. Darch family in Bawdrip, Catcott and surrounding villages extended.

20 April 2007: New Birth, Marriage and Death records. Noar family extended greatly.

25 February 2007: Sampford Peverell (partly) analysed, lots of new data (thanks Mike and Annette!). Also more new BMD records

20 December 2006: New Birth, Marriage and Death records.

20 November 2006: Connecting Clatworthy families, Rockwell Green.

5 November 2006: A few more events linked in to people.

26 October 2006: Catching up after a busy summer!

3 July 2006: New data from the 1871 Census in the UK.

4 June 2006: Data concerning Glovers (originating in Parkham) and some new Darch data from High Bickington, Selworthy, Luccombe and Wembworthy has been added.

23 April 2006: New data from Censuses in the UK and USA

26 March 2006: New data from National Burial Register.

18 March 2006: 1841 Census nearly complete, also 1861 Census nearing completion (thanks to Sue).

8 March 2006: Working on the 1841 Census and gap-filling.

25 Feburary 2006: More 1891 Census records and all 1851 Census record - thanks Sue!

Added detail to the Kingsteinton family that moved to Liverpool and to the Tetbury family which scattered over the East Midlands (principally Nottingham and Chesterfield).

19 Feburary 2006: More 1891 Census records - thanks Sue!

16 Feburary 2006: Addition of a Gazetteer page for those confusing located places that are on the boundary between districts and counties.

A few new 1891 Census records found.

11 Feburary 2006: Update from FreeBMD, High Bickington family provisionally defined.

10 February 2006: Addition of mis-spelled Darch entries in the PRO version of the 1901 Census Index.

Definition of a family hailing from Samford Peverell, Cruwys Morchard and Cheriton Fitzpaine.

Definition of a family hailing from Stoke St Mary.

21 January 2006: Addition of Dartch events from IGI and on-line Census sources.

13 January 2006: Removal of more duplicate events.

Extension of Liverpool Darch family following receipt of Canadian will working papers.

Extension of Mogridge family in Bratton Fleming following more clues!

4 January 2006: Removal of some duplicate events.

Addition of partial family definition from Kingsteinton (Thomas Darch 1799-), some of whose descendants moved to Liverpool.

Addition of an extensive Bideford family (Thomas Darch 1773-1819), many of whose descendants moved to the Bristol area.

31 December 2005: Complete revision of person page set up, now grouped in sets of 10 or less by family

13 December 2005: New marriage data in Ontario, Canada

27 November 2005: New person list page. Added functionality: ability to navigate from person list to person to family or event detail. Ability to navigate from event to family page. Update log and Statistics pages added.

13 November 2005: First build, events, families and people pages, navigation from family to person to event

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.