I have identified 8590 people, of whom 6807 appear in person web pages - the others may still be alive and are not listed to avoid embarrassment.

There are 112 family pages. I have identified a further 49 family fragments (containing less than 4 members) which I have not published. Ask me for information!

There are 19653 events published. A further 3913 events have not been published, either because they are 'stock take events' or because they may relate to living people.

Of all 23566 events, 13464 have been fully analysed, with all people accounted for.

The event count keeps growing, as does the number which have been analysed so far. The percentage 'complete' value stands at 57.1%. This value can go down as well as up!

There is a lot to work on!

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.