Brant, Ontario, Canada

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13 Mar 1885; Death; Paris, Brant, Ontario, Canada
Thomas Batting died aged 56, Merchant, b Brighton England, informant W H Batting (son of deceased, Toronto)
Identified People:
Person: Thomas Batting (1829~ Brighton, SSX, ENG - 1885 Paris, ONT, CAN)
Partner: Elizabeth Glover (1833~ Abbotsham, DEV, ENG - 1920 Toronto City, ONT, CAN)
Informant: William Henry Batting (1860~ Bowmanville (Darlington), ONT, CAN - 1925 Toronto City, ONT, CAN)

8 Jun 1911; Census; Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada
Garnet Griffin, M, Head, Mar, b Dec 1883 Ont, 27, Woodworker
Kate Griffin, F, Wife, Mar, b Jan 1884 Ont, 27
Identified People:
Head: Garnet Frederick Griffin (1883~ Ontario, CAN -)
Present: Kate Cook (1884~ Ontario, CAN -)

28 Sep 1918; Marriage; Brantford, Brant, Ontario, Canada
Fred Robert Folsom (39, of Toronto, b Belmont NH USA, Bachelor, Factory Manager, son of George Thomas Folsom and Sarah Ann Kennedy) married Selena Eliza Griffin (32 of Toronto, b London Ont, Spinster, Sec Treasurer of Mnfg Co, daughter of George James Griffin and Selena Darch), witnessed by Garnet F Griffin of Brantford Ont and Charlotte A Griffin of Plainfield NJ USA
Identified People:
Parent: George James Griffin (1842~ England - 1901<)
Parent: Selina Darch (1850~ London, ONT, CAN - 1914 London, ONT, CAN)
Spouse: Fred Robert Folsom (1879 New Hampshire, USA -)
Spouse: Selina Eliza Griffin (1885~ London, ONT, CAN -)

11 October 2009
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