Lambton County, Ontario, Canada

Events for Lambton County, Ontario, Canada

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8 Apr 1879; Marriage; Sarnia, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
Robert CLARKE, 23, blacksmith, London, same, s/o John CLARKE & Mary DARCH, married Ellen Jane LUCAS, 21, Smith Falls, Sarnia, d/o James LUCAS & Jane GIFF, witn: Robert OAKS of Guelph & Maria LUCAS of Sarnia, 8 April 1879 at Sarnia. 4874-79
Identified People:
Parent: John Clark (1824<-)
Parent: Mary Darch (1825 Ashreigney, DEV, ENG -)
Spouse: Robert Clark (1857~ Ontario, CAN -)
Spouse: Ellen Jane (Nellie) Lucas (1859~ Ontario, CAN -)

3 Apr 1881; Census; Enniskillen Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
William DARCH, Male, M, 23, English, Ontario, Engineer, Episcopal Methodist
Martha Jane DARCH, Female, M, 26, French, Ontario, Episcopal Methodist
Lucey DARCH, Female, 3, English, Ontario, Episcopal Methodist
Christopher William Darch and Martha Jane Quackenbush

3 Apr 1881; Census; Enniskillen Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
Thomas DARTCH, M, Male, English, 54, England, Laborer, Episcopal Methodist
Jane DARTCH, M, Female, Scottish, 48, Ontario, Episcopal Methodist
Thomas DARCH, Male, English, 29, Ontario, Laborer, Episcopal Methodist
Francis DARCH, Male, English, 27, Ontario, Laborer, Episcopal Methodist
Jane DARCH, Female, English, 21, Ontario, Episcopal Methodist
Elizabeth DARCH, Female, English, 18, Ontario, Episcopal Methodist
Mary Ann DARCH, Female, English, 16, Ontario, Episcopal Methodist
Agnus DARCH, Female, English, 12, Ontario, Episcopal Methodist
Robert DARCH, Male, English, 8, Ontario, Episcopal Methodist
Margaret DARCH, Female, English, 5, Ontario, Episcopal Methodist
Emma DARCH, Female, English, 2, Ontario, Episcopal Methodist
Identified People:
Head: Thomas Darch (1827~ England -)
Present: Jane Davidson (1832~ Ontario, CAN -)
Present: Thomas Darch (1851~ Ontario, CAN -)
Present: Francis Darch (1853~ Ontario, CAN -)
Present: Jane Darch (1859~ Ontario, CAN -)
Present: Elizabeth Darch (1862~ Ontario, CAN -)
Present: Mary Ann Darch (1866~ Ontario, CAN -)
Present: Agnes Darch (1868~ Ontario, CAN -)
Present: Robert A Darch (1873 Delaware, ONT, CAN -)
Present: Margaret Darch (1875~ Ontario, CAN -)
Present: Emma Darch (1879 Delaware, ONT, CAN -)

9 Apr 1883; Marriage; Coplestone, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
John RODEY (23, of Copleston Enniskillen Tp, born Sarnia, Bachelor, Laborer, son of John & Jennet) married Mary DARCH (19, of Coplestone, born Delaware, Spinster, daughter of Thomas & Jane) witn: Daniel STOCTON? of Copleston & Agnes RODEY of Sarnia, 9 April 1883 at Coplestone; 5477-83
Identified People:
Parent: Thomas Darch (1827~ England -)
Parent: Jane Davidson (1832~ Ontario, CAN -)
Spouse: John Rodey (1860~-)
Spouse: Mary Ann Darch (1866~ Ontario, CAN -)

25 Nov 1883; Birth; Alvinston, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
Merty May Duffy born, daughter of Francis Duffy (Carpenter) and Elizabeth Darch

19 Jul 1884; Birth; Sarnia, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
John Alexander Rodey born, son of John Rodey (Teamster) and Mary Darch

Declaration by WA Rodey (uncle) of Sarnia, 27 Oct 1983
Identified People:
Parent: John Rodey (1860~-)
Parent: Mary Ann Darch (1866~ Ontario, CAN -)
Child: John Alexander Rodey (1884 Sarnia, ONT, CAN -)

27 Feb 1895; Marriage; Petrolia, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
Hiram Chase BENNETT (aged 20, of Petrolia, born Scugog Island, Bachelor, Laborer, son of Orange Bennett and Catherine Bennett) married Margaret DARCH (aged 20, of Petrolia, born London, Spinster, daughter of Thomas Darch and Jane Darch), witn: Frances E. CHAMBERS of 6th line Enniskillen & Vitlone BENNETT of Petrolia, 27 Feb. 1895 at Petrolia; 6114-95 (Lambton Co):
Identified People:
Parent: Thomas Darch (1827~ England -)
Parent: Jane Davidson (1832~ Ontario, CAN -)
Spouse: Margaret Darch (1875~ Ontario, CAN -)
Spouse: Hiram Chase Bennett (1875~-)

9 Dec 1910; Marriage; Sarnia, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada
Robert James Griffin (Engineer, Bachelor, 36, of London Ont, son of George James Griffin, decd and Selina Darch) married Edith Mary Hendrie (Spinster, 28, of Windsor Ont, daughter of Alexander Hendrie, decd and Annie unknown)
Identified People:
Parent: George James Griffin (1842~ England - 1901<)
Parent: Selina Darch (1850~ London, ONT, CAN - 1914 London, ONT, CAN)
Spouse: Robert James Griffin (1874~ London, ONT, CAN - 1931 Windsor (Sandwich South), ONT, CAN)
Spouse: Edith Mary Hendrie (1882~-)

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