Elham, Kent, England

Events for Elham, Kent, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

7 Jun 1841; Census; Lympne, Elham, Kent, England
John Darch, 60, Ag Lab, Kent
May not be Darch

5 Apr 1891; Census; Folkestone, Elham, Kent, England
Ann B Bushell, Head, Widow, 53, Boarding house keeper, Halifax Yorks
Mary Dodds, Companion, S, 41, Challoce Northumberland
Laura Strathden, Serv, S, 22, General serv domestic, Tenterden Kent
Charlotte R H Darch, Boarder, Widow, 59, Living on own means, Sible Hedingham Essex
Edward H H D Deth ?, Boarder, S, 29, Living on own means, Sible Hedingham Essex

Q2 1933; Death; Unknown, Elham, Kent, England
(Death Q2, 1933, William H Darch, 48, Elham, 2a, 1351)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.