Fylde, Lancashire, England

Events for Fylde, Lancashire, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

25 Oct 1803; Marriage; Poulton Le Fylde, Fylde, Lancashire, England
William Noor (Noar?) married Betty Smith

Q1 1857; Marriage; Unknown, Fylde, Lancashire, England
(Marriage Q1, 1857, William Harrison Noar, , Fylde, 8e, 625)
Possible spouses: Ellen Cowell, Margaret Duckworth, Alice Tinkler or one other
Identified People:
Parent: Richard Whitehead Noar (1809 Cockerham, LAN, ENG - 1891 Altrincham, CHE, ENG)
Parent: Mary Harrison (1816~ Manchester, LAN, ENG - 1881 Altrincham, CHE, ENG)
Spouse: William Harrison Noar (1833~ Manchester, LAN, ENG - 1869 Chorlton, LAN, ENG)

Q1 1900; Death; Unknown, Fylde, Lancashire, England
(Death Q1, 1900, Maria Jane Noar, 68, Fylde, 8e, 643)

Q3 1904; Marriage; Unknown, Fylde, Lancashire, England
(Marriage Q3, 1904, Talfourd Noar, , Fylde, 8e, 1353)
Possible spouses: Ellen Edmondson or Edith Mary Waechter
Identified People:
Parent: Alexander Noar (1818~ Ulverston, LAN, ENG - 1893 Altrincham, CHE, ENG)
Parent: Maria Jane Lamb (1832~ Chelsea, LON, ENG -)
Spouse: Talfound Noar (1861 Prestwich, LAN, ENG -)

Q3 1927; Death; Unknown, Fylde, Lancashire, England
(Death Q3, 1927, Frederick W Noar, 67, Fylde, 8e, 613)
Identified People:
Person: Frederick William Noar (1860 Hulme, LAN, ENG - 1927 Fylde, LAN, ENG)
Partner: Frances Clara Green (1860~ Coventry, WAR, ENG -)

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