Wetherby, Yorkshire, England

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30 Mar 1851; Census; Scarcroft, Wetherby, Yorkshire, England
Emerson Pickering, Head, Mar, 67, Sheep Dealer, Stanhope Durham
Ann Pickering, Wife, Mar, 61, Brighall Yorkshire
Jane Pickering, Daur, Un, 34, Shield Durham
Elizabeth Pickering, Daur, Un, 32, Shield Durham
John Pickering, Son, Un, 31, Sheep Dealer, Shield Durham
Thomas Pickering, Son, Un, 19, Sheep Dealer, Shield Durham
Identified People:
Head: Emerson Pickering (1784 Stanhope, DUR, ENG -)
Present: Ann unknown (1788~ Yorkshire, ENG -)
Present: Jane Pickering (1826~ Durham Co, ENG -)
Present: Elizabeth Pickering (1828~ Durham Co, ENG -)
Present: John Pickering (1829~ Durham Co, ENG -)
Present: Thomas Pickering (1831~-)

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