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Maindee, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales

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8 Jul 1912; Marriage; Maindee, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
(Marriage Q3, 1912, Montague J Darch, Williams, Newport M, 11a, 377)
Montague John Darch (of full age, bachelor, Post Office Clerk of 39 Harrow Road, son of Thomas Darch, Smith) married Edith Williams (of full age, spinster, of Carleon Road, daughter of John Gibbs Williams, deceased, Master Mariner), witnessed by Beatrice Williams and Elizabeth Williams
Identified People:
Parent: Eliza Adams (1845~ Newton Tracey, DEV, ENG - 1911 Bideford, DEV, ENG)
Parent: Thomas Darch (1854 Yarnscombe, DEV, ENG - 1925 Bideford, DEV, ENG)
Spouse: Edith Williams (1879 Newport, WAL - 1965 Ilfracombe, DEV, ENG)
Spouse: Montague John Darch (1884 Bideford, DEV, ENG - 1955 Ilfracombe, DEV, ENG)

11 October 2009
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