Bristol St Paul

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Bristol St Paul, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England

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17 Mar 1850; Baptism; Bristol St Paul, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Louisa Harriet Darch baptised, Charles Darch and Harriet

5 Apr 1891; Census; Bristol St Paul, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Edward Bryant, Head, M, 34, Dairyman and grocer, Somerset Neither Stonay
Mary Bryant, Wife, M, 41, Dressmaker, Devon Bratton Fleming
Ann Bryant, Dau, 5, Scholar, Bristol
Francis Bryant, Son, 3, Bristol
Mary Darch, Mother in Law, Widow, 87, Devon North Molton
Louise W Darch, Niece, S, 22, Dressmaker, Bristol
Edith A Darch, Niece, S, 20, Domestic servant, Bristol
John Lee, Lodger, S, 20, Railway porter, Devon Tiverton
Louise and Edith are William and Eliza Quant's daughters; Mary is mother to both that William and Mary Bryant.
Identified People:
Present: Mary Torrington (1804~ North Molton, DEV, ENG - 1895 Bristol, GLO, ENG)
Present: Mary Ann Darch (1847 Bratton Fleming, DEV, ENG -)
Head: Edward Bryant (1856~ Nether Stowey, SOM, ENG -)
Present: Louisa Webber Darch (1869 Bristol, GLO, ENG -)
Present: Edith Anne Darch (1871 Clifton, GLO, ENG -)
Present: Ann Bryant (1885~ Bristol, GLO, ENG -)
Present: Francis Bryant (1887~ Bristol, GLO, ENG -)

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