Events for Brompton

Brompton, Kensington & Chelsea, London, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

2 Apr 1871; Census; Brompton, Kensington & Chelsea, London, England
Thomas R James, Head, Mar, 43, Manager of Bank, Middx
Ann M Darch, Servant, 25, Cook, Devon Island

5 Apr 1891; Census; Brompton, Kensington & Chelsea, London, England
Lady Sarah Bourne, Head, Widow, 75, Living on private means, Lancs Everton
Harriet A D S May, Dau, M, 45, Lancs Liverpool
Irene H B S May, G-dau, 6, London Kensington
James B S May, G-son, 5, London Kensington
Geoffrey B S May, G-son, 3, London Kensington
Sarah Edwards, Serv, S, 41, Ladys maid, London
Emily Church, Serv, S, 30, Lady's maid, London Islington
Sarah Knibbs, Serv, S, 40, Nurse, London Islington
Harriet Crible, Serv, S, 34, Cook, Somerset
Sarah Howells, Serv, S, 30, Housemaid, South Wales
Sarah Hall, Serv, S, 22, Housemaid, London
Rose Crispun, Serv, S, 22, Nurse
Mary E Darch, Serv, S, 22, Kitchen maid, Devon Sampford Peverell
John Yearsley, Serv, M, 29, Butler, Cheshire

11 October 2009
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