Events for Hulme

Hulme, Chorlton, Lancashire, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

31 Mar 1851; Census; Hulme, Chorlton, Lancashire, England
Richard Whitehead Noar, Head, Mar, 47, Commission Agent, Forton
Mary Noar, Wife, Mar, 44, Manchester
William Harrison Noar, Son, 17, Commission Agent Assistant, Manchester
Richard Noar, Son, 14, Scholar, Manchester
Alexander Noar, Son, 7, Scholar, Manchester
David Henry Noar, Son, 6, Scholar, Manchester
one servant
Identified People:
Head: Richard Whitehead Noar (1809 Cockerham, LAN, ENG - 1891 Altrincham, CHE, ENG)
Present: Mary Harrison (1816~ Manchester, LAN, ENG - 1881 Altrincham, CHE, ENG)
Present: William Harrison Noar (1833~ Manchester, LAN, ENG - 1869 Chorlton, LAN, ENG)
Present: Richard Noar (1836~ Manchester, LAN, ENG - 1914 Altrincham, CHE, ENG)
Present: Alexander Noar (1841 Manchester, LAN, ENG -)
Present: David Henry Noar (1844 Manchester, LAN, ENG - 1922 Barton upon Irwell, LAN, ENG)

7 Apr 1861; Census; Hulme, Chorlton, Lancashire, England
Edward Noar, Head, Mar, 25, Corn and Flour Dealer, Salford
Margaret Elizth Noar, Wife, 24, Salford
Fredk Wm Noar, Son, un, 10m, Hulme
Mary Noar, Sister, un, 44, Silk Winder, Bolton
Identified People:
Present: Mary Noar (1817 Bolton, LAN, ENG -)
Head: Edward Noar (1835 Manchester, LAN, ENG - 1907 Manchester, LAN, ENG)
Present: Margaret Elizabeth Pratt (1836~ Salford, LAN, ENG - 1879 Salford, LAN, ENG)
Present: Frederick William Noar (1860 Hulme, LAN, ENG - 1927 Fylde, LAN, ENG)

3 Apr 1881; Census; Hulme, Chorlton, Lancashire, England
John LUCAS, Head, M, Male, 33, Chester, Cheshire, England, Confectioner,
Maria LUCAS, Wife, M, Female, 29, Norwich, Cheshire, England, ,
Amelia E. LUCAS, Daur, , Female, 11, Chester, Cheshire, England, Scholar,
Wilhelmina LUCAS, Daur, , Female, 7, Chester, Cheshire, England, Scholar,
Ada E. LUCAS, Daur, , Female, 5, Manchester, Lancashire, England, Scholar,
Frank L. LUCAS, Son, , Male, 1, Manchester, Lancashire, England
Identified People:
Present: Ada Elizabeth Lucas (Ferguson) (1876~ Manchester, LAN, ENG - 1949 Bowmanville (Darlington), ONT, CAN)

5 Apr 1891; Census; Hulme, Chorlton, Lancashire, England
Harry S Sharples, Head, M, 24, Commercial Traveller, Manchester
Ada Sharples, Wife, M, 24, Manchester
Edith Sharples, Daur, 1, Manchester
Identified People:
Present: Ada Noar (1866 Hulme, LAN, ENG -)
Head: Harry Southern Sharples (1868<-)
Present: Edith Sharples (1890~ Manchester, LAN, ENG -)

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