Events for Margam

Margam, Neath, Glamorgan, Wales

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

31 Mar 1901; Census; Margam, Neath, Glamorgan, Wales
John Glover, Head, M, 78, Retired Sailor, Parkham Devon
Mary Glover, Wife, M, 77, Roborough Devon
Edith Glover, Daughter, S, 47, Dress Maker, Bideford Devon
Helena Glover, Daughter, S, 23, Dress Maker, Aberavon Glamorgan
Identified People:
Head: John Glover (1821 Parkham, DEV, ENG - 1914 Neath, WAL)
Present: Mary Blackmore (1822~ Roborough, DEV, ENG - 1903 Neath, WAL)
Present: Edith Mary Glover (1856 Bideford, DEV, ENG - 1907 Neath, WAL)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.