Events for Weston

Weston, Bath, Somerset, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

30 May 1811; Marriage; Weston, Bath, Somerset, England
James Whitlee (of Walcot) married Margaret Darch

7 Jun 1841; Census; Weston, Bath, Somerset, England
Samuel Glover, 65, Gardener, b Somerset
Ann Glover, 60, b Somerset

30 Mar 1851; Census; Weston, Bath, Somerset, England
John Glover, Head, Mar, 53, Ag Lab, b Bidleton Somerset
Jane Glover, Wife, Mar, 47, Laundress, b Bridport Dorset
John Glover, Son, U, 18, Ag Lab, b Weston Somerset
Christopher Glover, Son, U, 17, Cordwainer, b Weston Somerset
Elizabeth Glover, Daur, 12, Scholar, b Bridport Dorset
Samuel Glover, Son, 10, Scholar, b Bath Somerset
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Identified People:
Head: John Glover (1798~ Taunton, SOM, ENG - 1884 Bath, SOM, ENG)
Present: Jane unknown (1803~ Bridport, DOR, ENG - 1881<)
Present: John Glover (1831~ Weston, SOM, ENG - 1883 Wells, SOM, ENG)
Present: Christopher Glover (1833~ Weston, SOM, ENG - 1896 Bristol, GLO, ENG)
Present: Elizabeth Glover (1838 Bridport, DOR, ENG -)
Present: Samuel Glover (1840~ Bath, SOM, ENG -)

5 Apr 1891; Census; Weston, Bath, Somerset, England
Frederick Glover, Head, M, 35, Cowman, b Ashwick Somerset
Clara Glover, Wife, M, 39, b Weston Somerset
Lillian Glover, Daur, 9, Scholar, b Bristol Gloucestershire
Edith Glover, Daur, 7, Scholar, b Bristol Gloucestershire
Albert Glover, Son, 6, b Shepton Mallet Somerset
Nellie Glover, Daur, 3, b Ashwick Somerset
Celia Glover, Daur, 1, b Ashwick Somerset
Identified People:
Present: Clara J unknown (1853~ Weston, SOM, ENG -)
Head: Frederick Edwin Glover (1856 Ashwick, SOM, ENG -)
Present: Lillian Glover (1881~ Bristol, GLO, ENG -)
Present: Edith Glover (1883~ Bristol, GLO, ENG -)
Present: Albert Frederick Glover (1885 Shepton Mallet, SOM, ENG -)
Present: Nellie Eugenia Glover (1888 Ashwick, SOM, ENG -)
Present: Celia Annie Glover (1889 Ashwick, SOM, ENG -)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.