Events for Trafford

Trafford, Manchester, Lancashire, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

31 Mar 1901; Census; Trafford, Manchester, Lancashire, England
Alexander Noar, Head, M, 60, Agent (Cottage Property), Holme Mead Lancs
Sarah S Noar, Wife, M, 51, Salford
Nellie G Noar, Daur, S, 26, Handforth Cheshire
Amy W Noar, Daur, S, 25, Deanton Wilmslow Cheshire
Richard Noar, Brother, S, 64, Yarn Merchant, Manchester
Emily B Taylor, S in Law, 49, Broughton Manchester
one servant
Identified People:
Present: Richard Noar (1836~ Manchester, LAN, ENG - 1914 Altrincham, CHE, ENG)
Head: Alexander Noar (1841 Manchester, LAN, ENG -)
Present: Sarah Susan Taylor (1849~ Salford, LAN, ENG - 1932 Altrincham, CHE, ENG)
Present: Nellie G Noar (1874~ Handforth, CHE, ENG -)
Present: Amy Winifred Noar (1875~ Wilmslow, CHE, ENG -)

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