St George the Martyr

Events for St George the Martyr

St George the Martyr, Camden, London, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

3 Apr 1881; Census; St George the Martyr, Camden, London, England
George SMITH, Head, M, Male, 40, St Andrews, Middlesex, England, Baker,
Mary SMITH, Wife, M, Female, 38, St James Westminster, ,
Percy Hall SMITH, Son, , Male, 1 m, St Andrews, ,
Ernest P. READ, Sert, U, Male, 21, Hurley, Hampshire, England, Shop Assistant (Baker),
Jane GOSS, Servt, U, Female, 22, Hackney, Middlesex, England, Cook Domestic Servt,
Catherine SHORTHILL ?, Servt, U, Female, 25, St Martins Fields, Middlesex, England, Housemaid,
Alice MILES, Servt, U, Female, 15, Clapton, Middlesex, England, Nursemaid,
Charles DARCHE ?, Servt, U, Male, 20, Stepney, Middlesex, England, Journeyman Baker,
Alfred JACKSON, Servt, U, Male, 18, Stepney, Middlesex, England, Shop Assistant (Baker),
F. H. W. HUGGINS, Servt, U, Male, 22, Southwark, Journyma Baker,
Mark GENTRY, Servt, U, Male, 26, Bishopsgate, Journyman Baker,
Robert LAST, Servt, U, Male, 23, Colchester, Essex, England, Journyma Baker,
James GRADE, Servt, U, Male, 15, Colchester, Essex, England, Errand Lad (Merct),
William Henry SMITH ?, Servt, U, Male, 16, Holborn, Middlesex, England, Errand Lad (Merct),

5 Apr 1891; Census; St George the Martyr, Camden, London, England
James Darch, Head, M, 34, Iron moulder, Exeter St Edmunds?
Mary Darch, Wife, M, 32, Devon Stocklands
Harry Darch, Son, 13, Devonshire Honiton
Frances Darch, Dau, 11, Scholar, Devonshire Honiton
Elsie Darch, Dau, 8, Scholar, London Paddington
Ethel Darch, Dau, 6, Scholar, London Southwark
James Darch, Son, 4, Scholar, London Southwark
Identified People:
Head: James Darch (1856 Exeter, DEV, ENG - 1901 Camberwell, LON, ENG)
Present: Mary Grace Connett (1857~ Stockland, DEV, ENG -)
Present: Henry (Harry) Darch (1878 Honiton, DEV, ENG -)
Present: Frances Darch (1880 Honiton, DEV, ENG -)
Present: Elsie Grace Darch (1882 Paddington, LON, ENG - 1906 Camberwell, LON, ENG)
Present: Ethel Darch (1885 Southwark, LON, ENG -)
Present: James Darch (1887 Southwark, LON, ENG -)

31 Mar 1901; Census; St George the Martyr, Camden, London, England
Alexander Glover, Head, M, 37, Corn Porter, b Appledore Devon
Sophia Glover, Wife, M, 39, b Southwark
William Glover, Son, 14, Port Messenger, b Southwark
Ellen Sophia Glover, Daur, 12, b Southwark
Richard Glover, Son, 10, School, b Southwark
Identified People:
Head: Alexander John H Glover (1863 Appledore, DEV, ENG -)
Present: Sophia Sellick (1873~ Southwark, LON, ENG -)
Present: William Glover (1885~ Southwark, LON, ENG -)
Present: Ellen Sophia Glover (1888 Lambeth, LON, ENG -)
Present: Richard Glover (1890 Lambeth, LON, ENG -)

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