Events for Strand

Strand, Westminster, London, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

Q1 1877; Death; Strand, Westminster, London, England
(Death Q1, 1877, Richard DARCH, 49, Strand, 1b, 465)
Identified People:
Partner: Susannah Clemmett (1824~ High Bickington, DEV, ENG - 1913 Wandsworth, LON, ENG)
Person: Richard Darch (1827 High Bickington, DEV, ENG - 1877 Strand, LON, ENG)

Q2 1882; Marriage; Strand, Westminster, London, England
(Marriage Q2, 1882, Henry Darch, , Strand, 1b, 956)
Possible spouses: Elizabeth Baker, Mary Ann Saunders
Identified People:
Parent: Robert Darch (1807 Catcott, SOM, ENG - 1871 Bridgwater, SOM, ENG)
Parent: Sarah Hitt (1810~ North Petherton, SOM, ENG - 1883 Bridgwater, SOM, ENG)
Spouse: Henry Darch (1850 Catcott, SOM, ENG - 1931 Barnet, LON, ENG)
Spouse: Mary Ann Saunders (1861~ London, ENG -)

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