Clapham Common

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Clapham Common, Southwark, London, England

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31 Mar 1901; Census; Clapham Common, Southwark, London, England
Joseph Darch, Head, 52, Builder, Swimbridge Newland Devon
Mary Anne Darch, Wife, 50, Landkey Newland Devon
Mary Edward Kerkby, Daughter, 24, Married, Pimlico London
Francis B G Kerkby, Son in Law, 28, Married, Tailors Cutter, Battersea London
Fred Gill, Nephew, 18, Single, Carpenter, Bratton Fleming Devon
Joseph's sister Lavinia married William Gill in 1876. Fred must be her son.
Identified People:
Head: Joseph T Darch (1850 Landkey, DEV, ENG - 1930 Battersea, LON, ENG)
Present: Mary Ann Mock (1850~ Landkey, DEV, ENG - 1924 Wandsworth, LON, ENG)
Present: Francis Bernard G Kirkby (1872~ Battersea, LON, ENG -)
Present: Mary Eleanor Darch (1876 Pimlico, LON, ENG -)
Present: Fred Gill (1883 Bratton Fleming, DEV, ENG -)

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