Port Perry

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Port Perry, Durham County, Ontario, Canada

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4 Feb 1891; Marriage; Port Perry, Durham County, Ontario, Canada
Charles Glover (Bachelor aged 35, living in East Whitby, Farmer, , b England, son of Samuel and Margaret Glover) married Annie Carnegie (Spinster aged 26, living in Port Perry, b Scotland, daughter of James and Abasansen Carnegie), witnessed by BP Power and William Glover, both of East Whitby
Identified People:
Parent: Samuel Glover (1820 Clovelly, DEV, ENG - 1902 East Whitby, ONT, CAN)
Parent: Margaret Branton (1834~ England - 1901 East Whitby, ONT, CAN)
Spouse: Charles Glover (1854 Bideford, DEV, ENG - 1918 Whitby Township, ONT, CAN)
Spouse: Annie Carnegie (1863~ Scotland - 1931 Oshawa (Whitby), ONT, CAN)
Witness: William Glover (1867~ Whitby Township, ONT, CAN -)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.