Events for Brushford

Brushford, Crediton, Devon, England

'Unknown' means that events cannot be definitively placed.

1818; Banns; Brushford, Crediton, Devon, England
Banns read for out-of-parish marriage between John Darch (sojourner) and Jane Ford, Brushford
This couple probably go on to Ashreigney and then to Canada. The records are enigmatic as Jane appears to be 12 years old.
Identified People:
Spouse: John Darch (1795~ Devon, ENG - 1887 London, ONT, CAN)
Spouse: Jane Ford (1806~- 1866 London, ONT, CAN)

23 Feb 1818; Marriage; Brushford, Crediton, Devon, England
John DARCH married Ann HOWARD

7 Jun 1841; Census; Brushford, Crediton, Devon, England
John Woolway, 20, Miller, Devon
William Darch, 15, M S, Devon
Anthony Darch, 10, M S, Devon
Sons of William and Jane Snell
Identified People:
Present: William Darch (1825 Winkleigh, DEV, ENG - 1901 Torrington, DEV, ENG)
Present: Anthony Snell Darch (1827 Winkleigh, DEV, ENG - 1908 Tavistock, DEV, ENG)

30 Mar 1851; Census; Brushford, Crediton, Devon, England
George Luxton, head, single, 23, Miller (employer of 3 men), Winkleigh
Robert Darch, Servant, 14, Miller Servant, Winkleigh
Identified People:
Present: Robert Darch (1834 Winkleigh, DEV, ENG - 1885 Crediton, DEV, ENG)

31 Mar 1901; Census; Brushford, Crediton, Devon, England
John Turner, Head, Married, 37, Farmer, Employer, Ashreigney
Rebecca Turner, Wife, Married, 35, Ashreigney
Maud Turner, Daughter, Single, 13, Ashreigney
Susan Turner, Daughter, Single, 12, Ashreigney
William Turner, Son, Single, 11, Ashreigney
Frederick Turner, Son, Single, 9, Ashreigney
Richard Turner, Son, Single, 7, Brushford
Chrissie Turner, Daughter, Single, 4, Brushford
Hettie Turner, Daughter, Single, 3, Brushford
Jane Turner, Daughter, Single, 1, Brushford
Florrie Turner, Daughter, Single, 5 months, Brushford
William Darch, Servant, 18, Single, Carter On Farm, Dawlish Devon
Son William Jesse Darch and Mary Jane Cornall.
Identified People:
Present: William Robert Darch (1884 Dawlish, DEV, ENG -)

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