Tyrone (Darlington)

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Tyrone (Darlington), Durham County, Ontario, Canada

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16 Dec 1902; Birth; Tyrone (Darlington), Durham County, Ontario, Canada
Allie Obreena born daughter James H Darch and Martha Peate
Identified People:
Parent: Martha Ann Peate (1872 Ontario, CAN - 1939 Bowmanville (Darlington), ONT, CAN)
Parent: James Henry Darch (1872 Stratton, COR, ENG - 1952 Bowmanville (Darlington), ONT, CAN)
Child: Allie Obreena Darch (1902 Tyrone (Darlington), ONT, CAN - 1989 Scarborough Township, ONT, CAN)

6 Sep 1917; Marriage; Tyrone (Darlington), Durham County, Ontario, Canada
Edward Darch (aged 36 of Bowmanville, born Bowmanville, Bachelor, Farmer, Methodist, son of James Darch and Sophia Jane Prance) married Emily Louisa Elcombe (aged 31 of Bowmanville, born Hawley Kent England, Widow, Domestic, Methodist, daughter of Alford Hogbin and Harriett Bicknell) witnessed by Margaret Hooper
Identified People:
Parent: James Darch (1843 Stratton, COR, ENG - 1923 Bowmanville (Darlington), ONT, CAN)
Parent: Sophia Jane Prance (1845~ Bradworthy, DEV, ENG - 1916 Bowmanville (Darlington), ONT, CAN)
Spouse: Edward (Eddie) Darch (1881 Bowmanville (Darlington), ONT, CAN - 1932)
Spouse: Emily Louisa Hogbin (Elcomb) (1886 Malling, KEN, ENG - 1960 Bowmanville (Darlington), ONT, CAN)

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