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Mary J Green (1879~ Streatham, LON, ENG -)

James Richard Green (1880 Streatham, LON, ENG -)

Arthur Richard Green (1883 Streatham, LON, ENG - 1972 Brisbane, AUS)

Minnie Louisa Walsh (1881 Streatham, LON, ENG - 1969 Brisbane, AUS)

Thora Margaret Green (1911 Brisbane, AUS - 1921 Brisbane, AUS)

Elizabeth Ann Darch (1857 St Teath, COR, ENG - 1913 Port Hope (Hope), ONT, CAN)

William Henry Nicholls (1858~ St Teath, COR, ENG -)

Margaretta Nicholls (1880~ Forrabury, COR, ENG -)

Harry Bennett (1876~ Montreal, QUE, CAN -)

Violet Elizabeth Nicholls (1888 Port Hope (Hope), ONT, CAN -)

11 October 2009
Dick Glover, Cambridge, England.