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Date Qualifying Symbols

Common Assumptions

The combination of some of these assumptions (a child whose year of birth is estimated, then the estimation of a parent's year of birth) can lead to gross error - so beware.

Name representations

William Darch (1789~ Winkleigh, DEV, ENG - 1867 Ashreigney, DEV, ENG)

Names are represented by forenames + surname. The surname may include a bracketed extra surname - this represents an intermediate married name for a woman. Then follows information which will usually uniquely identify the person in brackets. The format of this information is Year of Birth, Place of Birth - Year of Death, Place of Death. Each date may be qualified and any unknown element is simply omitted. Place names are further expanded by one or two acronyms which indicate County or State (not always used) and Country (always used).

In descendancy trees, a fixed space font (Courier) is used, so that you can follow the generations. Each generation is indented two spaces (dots) from the generation before and each child of parents is labelled with a letter, ordered as oldest first.

Where a person may still be living, their name is represented as 'Full name excluded (Gordon)' where the name in brackets is the natal surname of the person. This much information is presented to allow (encourage) possible descendants to contact me.

11 October 2009
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